Monday, 24 October 2016

The Moth & the Light

There are three new books in the store
Pale Fire is drawn in the thin black line and catches up upon some of the themes 
that has been around the last couple of years, like the crystal, the cactus, fur and faces.
The two first volumes of Natsværmeren & Lyset (The Moth & the Light) are images all derived from 70's men magazines, with lounging women. Drawn with a soft crayon.
There is a special offer for anyone who want to buy all three books at once.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Nothing Will Corrupt Us, Nothing Will Compete

 Nothing Will Corrupt Us, Nothing Will Compete
This is Stürup's brand new book.
It is a 32 page full colour softcover catalogue of the works from the solo exhibition:
Nothing Will Corrupt Us, Nothing Will Compete at Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin. Germany
This was the first time Stürup has been showing his new paintings,
 since he had stopped painting in the mid 90’s.
The catalogue has images of all the work from the exhibition,
besides all the paintings there are all of the fur sculptures and drawings reproduced.

Written In Fur Drawn In Snow

Written In Fur Drawn In Snow
This is an artists’ book by Jasper Sebastian Stürup
It was published by Forever & Today, Inc. in New York in 2012
Stürup have had the exhibition: 
I Don't Believe You, It Used To Be Like That And Now It Goes Like This. 
at Forever & Today, Inc. in 2009
The book was meant as an extension of this exhibition, but took on a life of its own, 
it still have images of two of the works from the show.
The book is a nice hardcover with magenta foil stamp of a drawing on the cover
The content of the book is split into five sections:
The first 16 pages are black and white photographs
The second section is a collection of texts on the works and books by Stürup, by:
 Christoph Tannert, Director Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. David Senior, Bibliographer MoMA Library, NYC. The introduction and an in-depth interview with Stürup are written by the two directors of Forever & Today, Inc Ingrid Chu and Savannah Gorton.
The third section consists of 32 pages of black and white drawings.
The fourth section, 32 pages, is a mix of drawings, photographs, paintings and the first fur sculpture.
The book ends with 16 pages of colour photographs.

There is a special edition of the book,
It has green foil stamp on the cover and has a loose inserted signed and numbered photograph
The edition of this version is 25 + 9 AP

That's When the Rabbit Taught the Eagle a Lesson With a Smith & Wesson

That's When the Rabbit Taught the Eagle a Lesson With a Smith & Wesson
This is an artists’ book,
160 page hardcover with works by:
Mike Paré / Barry McGee/ Jasper Sebastian Stürup / Kristofer Hultenberg / D-L Alvarez
Stürup invited the four other artists to be part of the book, he arranged both the book 
and the exhibition of the book at Participant INC. in New York 2010
The book was the sole object of the exhibition, the book was displayed so that every pages was on view, with gold foil on the walls.
You had to walk thru the hole gallery space to see all of the book
and you could buy the book and thereby bring the exhibition home

Installation view at Participant INC. NYC

Monday, 9 November 2015

Taber / Looser

  The first prints added to the store is a series of etchings
 that Jasper Sebastian Stürup printed when taking part of the Nontoxic Nordisk workshop 
at National Gallery of the Faeroe Islands back in 1999.
Wile attending his last year at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
The series is called Taber Serien / the Looser Series.
Each print have a short text hand written in a birch tree font.
Øl 10 Kroner / Beer 10 Crown was the price of a beer at all the art openings of 
artist run galleries at the time in Copenhagen. 
5. Et rent hus er et hyggeligt hus / 5. a clean house is a cosy house was one of the house rules written on the wall in the house where Stürup was staying wile being at the Faeroe islands.
The two Panodil prints has the name of an over the counter pain reliever
blue to swallow and red to delude in water.
In the shop are what is left of the series, only a cpl of full series are remaining,
the rest of the prints are sold separately.
Due to bad storage some have miner warped paper.

See them in the print section

Sunday, 1 November 2015


We have now opened the Flâneur online shop
This is going to be a place where you can find the publications of Fluens Forlag 
and other works by Jasper Sebastian Stürup

Besides having new works available, we will also see what we can find in the archives,
the first batch of items are the small artistsbooks from the last cpl of years, 
and prints including some etchings that Stürup made back in 1999 while still attending The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

The first items are in the book and print section, more will follow very soon